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“Whenever a supplier approaches you, they make certain promises to you, and then you start to do business with them. The question you should always ask yourself is, ‘are they keeping the promises that they brought up when they originally wanted our business?’ And if the answer is no, then it’s time for accountability.

– Tony Satterfield

Don’t ever be afraid to change.

I think one of the things that happen in the hotel industry is you get comfortable. You build a rapport with the salesperson or the owner of a company and stop being as critical as you should be, critical meaning, ‘are you providing the services that you told me you would provide at the beginning of our relationship’? Just because we’ve known each other for a few years, doesn’t mean that I’m not going to bid you out periodically.”

How We Help

Suppliers are an integral element to the technological and operational success of any hotel.

We come alongside hotel ownership and management to optimize partner and vendor relationships.

Experience has given us insight into the ins-and-outs of hotel industry vendors. When it comes time to choose a marketing, technology or operations vendor – we are your objective consultant.

We will gather references, verify qualifications, outline capabilities against your needs, understand contracted obligations and fees, and help you make the best decisions when it comes to vendors and partners.

Our systemic approach helps you evaluate thoroughly and make the ideal selection and extract the most value from your investments.