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Hotel Technology Analysis

One of the things that the pandemic taught us is never to say “that’s not the way we do it.” There are always new ways to do things. Just ask your audience, who are increasingly Millenials.

You have to keep up with technology and know as a general manager or owner of a property the tech solutions that are out there. We help you vet technology solutions that you currently employ and introduce you to new solutions that may be more cost-effective and efficient.

Analysis of a property’s current technologies and how they integrate to create the guest experience is paramount to your success.

When hiring a technology company, make sure that they are accountable for their original proposal. Stay critical. Make sure that you periodically bid your technology stacks out.

  • Revenue Management
  • Trackable Email Database
  • Database Growth
  • Website Conversion Optimization

  • Coop and Partnership Optimization
  • Onsite Technology Integration
  • KPI Monthly Reporting
  • Community Integration

Accountability In Technology

Your existing tech stack and integration of software into your property are critical.  Technology is constantly changing and silos are the killer of ROI.  And, if your managers and staff are unable to grasp dashboards or if the interface is too complex, that software will sit on the shelf.

Our Workflow & Process

We help you vet your vendors, vendor support, and the software they provide. Let us help you discover where and when you need to make a change.